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To grow into a world class company by producing content that entertains, encourages and edifies all.


To create content that inspires, entertains, and engages communities to experience our products through animation, comic books that follow our animation series, video game apps, featured movie films, television series, and documentaries.

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Co-owner/Creative director, La'Mard Wingster of Wingster & Philibert Studios LLC (W&P Studios), is always in the kitchen working on new content. Dwayne Philibert (Co-owner/Executive Producer) and La’Mard Wingster work together as a great team.

La'Mard started his journey in 1996, he did not know how to write a script, nor how to put a movie together, but had a passion to be in movies, problem was, he was always given a background role. With La'Mard’s martial arts skills,he wanted to be in the forefront, so he decided to write his own script and eventually produced his own film. The film-was called, “Throw Down” and won ‘Best Sales’ for an independent at the Cans Film Festival in 1999. The film was then marketed by York Entertainment, and released on the Blockbuster shelves in 2000. From this point on La'Mard never turned back.


La'Mard, a Martial Arts Master, and Dwayne, holder of two black belts met in 2013 at a Marine Cadet Corp in Brooklyn as mentors. With La’Mard and Dwayne having a background in martial arts and Dwayne being a US Marine Vet, they immediately developed a friendship. When they met, La’Mard had just started in the film scene and in 2016they participated in the Winter Film Festival. They entered a competition; the challenge was to create a movie in 24 hours using the words “that’s something you don’t see every day”. This was Dwayne’s first time directing a film –They took the challenge and produced and directed a short film – shot and edited in 12 hours – the movie was called “The Carrier” and they ‘WON’ first prize. Dwayne’s creativity started with drawing, and the love of art, his sister was a great motivator, which kept him reaching for more. While in the military, Dwayne had a D7000 Nikon camera he spent time learning how to use the camera,not just for photography, but also videography. Since winning the Winter Film Festival, these two amazing gentlemen have not looked back.


Today they are the co-owners of Wingster & Philibert Studios LLC, trusting the Lord daily that they will create legacies and be the first black owned movie/film and animation company to make a difference. In 2017 Dwayne received a call from La’Mard asking him what he thought about making animations. Although Dwayne knew nothing about this area of creativity, he was not one to turn down an idea, together they moved forward on working on animation projects. With long nights and lots of changes, they can now direct you to the Youtube channel and the comic books that they have completed. Their vision grew with the start of La’Mard using Adobe Fuse, to create the animations, but a visit to La'Mard's son, who was using Daz3D Studio, caused La’Mard to fall in love with what he saw and got the BUG. The work La’Mard saw his son do with the program was AMAZING! La’Mard did not leave it there, he went on a pursuit to get the hang of the program, it took him about a year, with a little help from his son, the internet, and others. La'Mard’s skills got better and better- now there are more than five episodes available on YouTube, FaceBook , Instagram, and Twitter.


La’Mard and Dwayne are currently working on a feature film, as well as a video game and an app for late 2021. La’Mard says his belief in God helps him to rest on the thought that the "best is yet to come."

Making Prodigal X and MARSOC has opened many doors, and they have big plans in the making, the question is are you ready to go on this journey with them?

La'Mard J. Wingster
Dwayne Philibert

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