Creator & Editor:

LA'Mard J. Wingster

Producer & Editor:

Dwayne T. Philibert

About the film

We felt that an animation about military life and the way it effects the world has never been attempted before. The overall premise of the animation is, to take you on a  journey with the main characters to show you how everything effects one another in many ways. As we do so, we also honor those that have made this world a better place for you and I. With our military experiences, we have dealt with many of life's ups and downs. Dealing with the effects of losing a love one, a friend, a brother or a sister can be emotional. We all may know or encounter someone who was in the military or has been to war. Ask yourself this, are they open to talking with you about their experience? Are they telling you what they've really been through? The answer is NO! And it will always be NO!
Most people would not experience war, nor the day to day demands of the war zone. This animation follows our world 911 forces; you will hear the military lengo, the ranks, weapons, and see some of our fighting technique. The future is now!

Our inspiration comes from many places, one of which is our executive producer Dwayne Philibert. Joining the Marine Corp at a very young age he has deployed to many different countries. At the age of 20, he made his way to becoming a veteran of war. With his experience and others around him, we have created more than just a new animation for people to see.


Other places that inspired us, were movies, T.V. shows and ideas that we created.      


Maybe a bit about the process or the obstacles you’ve encountered.

We had no experience with 3D animation, or even how to do it. It was an idea that we had to do. After LA'Mard visited his son and saw what he was doing with Daz 3D, that was our way in. I would say, the biggest obstacle we encountered was the ability to learn and create at the same time. Our fan base has grown as our skills continue to grow. Now, the only issue we've been experiencing is processing frames, and our graphic card needs a big update. All in all, we are continually learning and building. Looking forward to overcoming more obstacles in the very near future.


With war on the rise, after the assassination of the space government ambassador. Space force is called upon to help retain order back on Earth and find the terrorist. Or is there another agenda for the war that is about to take place?

Cast- Voice Actors

LA'Mard Wingster

Dwayne Philibert

Laura Aguinaga

B. Alicia Wingster

Tammy Chassagne

Vanessa L. Bontea

Marlene Pittman

DJ Chuck Chillout

Matt Suilvan

Dena Schumacher

Karintia De Jesus- Aragon

Teresa Nash

Marllyn Toro

Jeanna Lue

Troy Herbert

Jessica Delgado

Joy Thomas

Meshach Son Of Terry

Linasla Sterling

LaToya C. Allen

Tameeka Johnson


Bill H

Very well done! Excellent action and rendering!


Great video can't wait for the next one?

John Mastromarino

When’s the next one?

Marlene mcnair-pittman

I'm loving episode 3. Another great job well done! And introducing D. J. Chuck Chillout?! Even better!

Jamal Brown

Very good started getting into it but it went off. Can't wait for the next 😊

Vincent Pittman

This Animation video Prodigal X featuring DJ Chuck Chillout is fire💥 🚒 keep up the good work Fam 👍


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Daz Studio 3D

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Adobe Suit After Effects 2018

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