W&P Studios LLC is a VOSB. Our co-owner Dwayne T. Philibert is a US Marine Corp Veteran of War.

Here at W&P Studios LLC we salute all those who have served, fought  and even died for our country.

Below enjoy some stories of soldiers and veterans of the US Armed Forces.


 "Semper Fi"


Allen, U.S. Army

20Years in Uniform

After almost 20 years in uniform, I often find myself wondering “If I could go back to 17 year old me, would I still stand on that red carpet and recite the Oath of Enlistment?” The short answer is yes. Enlisting in the military at age 17 was something I did, not because of patriotism, or for help paying bills. I joined simply because I wasn’t mentally ready for College. From Basic Training to Advanced Individual Training, my goal was to complete my 3 x 5 year contract then carry on with my life. However as faith would have it, I fell in love with the U.S. Army. 


As a young soldier in the military Pre-9/11, thoughts of going to war were not common at all. So just imagine the fear and mental battle someone like myself faced, a kid that did join to protect, to serve or any of that, felt when I was notified I will be deploying to Iraq. Because I signed the contract, took the pay and enjoyed the benefits of being a soldier, I had no other choice but to deploy. No I did not become brave or patriotic once I accepted the fact that I was going to war, I was still terrified. It was not until I, along with my brothers and sisters in arms, traveled from Kuwait to Iraq did I find my purpose. And it was during that first deployment I fell in love with the U.S. Army. 


Growing up in a close, tight knit family, I was already understood what the having a real family meant. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I knew what it was like navigating a hostile environment, while still finding the good in the people that lived there.  My first deployment allowed me to see the good we service members do. Not only for the citizens of the nation’s we deploy to, but more so for each other. The connections we make, the understanding that regardless of our backgrounds and beliefs, there are thousands of people that are willing to lay down their lives to bring you home to your family. The camaraderie felt in those tough times is a feeling that I would not give up for anything. 


These moments, the knowledge gained, the life lessons learned are things that only a service member can understand.


Griffin, U.S. Airforce 

It was December 2010, a very fair cold excepted Germany and the holidays were very merry. A Young black motivated Airman who’s set to go home to New York in a few weeks to obtain her license because she didn’t get one prior to joining the Air Force, isn’t able to go. Although this is her perfect time, 90 days settled into her very first duty station, training almost complete. She will come back from NY and attempt to get a Germany license in order to buy her very first car!

But this day was different. Leadership this day was upset. Just got word that one of my friends who’s set to deploy next week was assaulted at a local bar by multiple Turkish men. Assaulted so bad we didn’t recognize who he was. So yes , leadership was upset. Not upset with this gentleman being assaulted but upset at his wingmen who threw him in his dorm room instead of taking him to the hospital. This young man could have died but by Gods grace, he’s alive. 


The young black Motivated young airman was notified that she was to drop everything she was doing in her life and do deploy in replace of the young man who was assaulted. Operation enduring freedom! No license. No car. No leaving to see family. Do not pass go and collect $200! Despite of, This young black motivated airman was so excited for this deployment. She learned so much and appreciated life that much more. 


This young black motivated girl is me, Quatasia Griffin.

Stay encouraged, it’s an honor serve our country and we appreciate every sacrifice you make no matter how small or large it may be. We love our troops and are always waiting for your return home.


Russell, US Army

My name is Specialist Russell I enlisted in the US Army in January 2007. I've been asked on several occasions why did I join the military. My response was 'To make a difference and to be a role model'. I will also let them know I didn't have to join the Military to be a role model. I used it as a platform to do so. I've encountered many young men on the streets of Brooklyn and other parts of the world that's not living a positive life and I spoke to them as a brother to try and give them words of encouragement so they can see a better life for themselves. Even in the Army when my fellow comrades are going through a rough time being away from family and friends for so long I would step in and be there for them. I've lost a few friends in the military due to bombs, being ambushed,  or just because of internal injuries that got out of control. I stayed positive through it all because it comes with being a part of the Military.


Rouge, U.S. Army

Jewel's Feature

Raised in Military family in Fort Hood Texas. My time in service was 4.5yrs. I was a Specialist Chaplain Assistant/Bodyguard. I deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom for 12months. I was in charge of thousands of soldiers' wellbeing and spiritual safety net. I protected religious leaders in combat for field services and prayers which is most important to my job. It was their life before my own. I made it my duty to make sure everyone's morale while deployed was balanced by daily inspirational quotes I sent out every morning.    We Veterans really put ourselves on the line because we MUST. Once you do not have obligations any longer, it's hard to get back to normal because normal doesn't feel like it anymore... actually nothing does at first it seems. I just want every soldier honorably transitioning to Veteran to know that they are NOT alone because the Veteran community will ALWAYS be there for them. Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier! 


Gordon, U.S. Army

In Honor of our Vets

So many years ago I made a decision to enlist into the military. At the time, I thought it was the best option for me and my girls, as a single parent. Honestly, serving in the U.S. Army was truly a great experience. You have to be strong and prepared to do whatever is required of you to do as a soldier. Being in the military gave me some of the greatest opportunities I can remember. Not only did I live in Germany for two years, but I also traveled throughout Europe. On the other hand, I've witnessed how easy it is for someone to become lost. Although it had some good and bad as anything in life, I would not change it for the world because through that came my greatest blessings and love. In addition, It led me straight to God and that's when He stretched out His mighty hands and pulled me out of the dark lonely pit. Army strong!!


Williams, U.S. Army

My name is Specialist Leon J. Williams. I enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces on Wednesday, March 10, 2010. I was stationed in Fort Campbell, KY FSC 3-187 IN BN (Infantry Batallion) and Fort Hamilton, NY 133rd Composite Supply Co. New York National Guard. One of the most memorable experiences I've had was being at the welcome home ceremony when my unit returned from Afghanistan in 2013. Although I was not there with them learning that every soldier has an important role to play in life. Being the communication back home was just as important, but seeing the joy they had when thereturned home was wonderful! One thing I can tell young men and women willing to enlist in any branch of service is to have set goals. Why are you joining? Do you plan to make this a career? Don't ever let recruiters tell you what you should do! Through my service, I've learned the value of investing and saving money, so to every young enlisted soldier or those thinking to join make sure you are not the leader you complained about who misled or misguided you!